Film Scanning

As film continues its renaissance, the best equipment is needed to maximize your film captures. 

Printlab offers state-of-the-art drum scans of your film using the Heidelberg Tango XL driven by NewColor software.

So what is a drum scan, and why is it superior to other scanning options? Film is wet-mounted using Aztek scanning solution, sandwiched between a mylar sheet and an acrylic drum. The solution virtually eliminates dust and scratches, while the drum creates a constant right angle between the sensor and the film, ensuring the sharpest scan possible. Most importantly, when compared to flatbed or virtual drum scanners, the Heidelberg’s PMT sensor offers wider tonal range, greater color accuracy, superior highlight & shadow detail, with a higher optical resolution. Our high-performance drum scanner operated by our Heidelberg certified technician will produce the best file from your original film.

Prices are based on 8-bit file size/desired print size. Please reach out for quantity discounts and print packages!

File Size
50 MB
80 MB
120 MB
150 MB
200 MB
400 MB
800 MB
1.5 GB

Prices are for scanning only and includes a basic cleanup.
Additional work such as spotting and retouching is available.
Sales taxes are included.

state-of-the-art scans