Uploading Files to Printlab

1. Follow the link bellow to access the order form.
2. After completing the form, you will be directed WeTransfer to send us your files.
3. An invoice will be sent to you once we review the files that you can pay online.


At any point you can call us for help or instructions at 312.362.9000

Piezo B&W Printing

If you have a high resolution image with great tonality, our Piezography High-Definition Black-and-White system offers the highest quality prints available on the planet.

Using 10 different shades of black, this printing system is able to render shadows, highlights, and everything in-between with a subtlety and fidelity that has never been possible before.

Some advantages of the Piezography HD B&W system include:

  • -Deepest black of any printing process in history.
  • -16bit Printing enables the smoothest possible gradients.
  • -720dpi which is twice the resolution of any other printing system.
  • -Greater Tonal Range ensures every tonal detail is distinctly visible.
  • -Linear Printing allows all tones progress evenly, maximizing tonal definition.
  • -Maximum Archival Permanence provides superior resistance to fading. 
  • -Over Gloss Layer makes ink appear to be embedded in the paper.
  • -Warm/Cool Toning Options available. Prints are pure neutral by default.

Any image can benefit from the myriad advantages of this system, and it is capable of making phenomenal prints even from an iPhone or point-&-shoot. However, our Piezography system thrives on images of maximum quality, so if you have images from professional digital cameras, or high quality film scans, the prints are truly breathtaking.

We can work with any file format, including JPEG, but 16-bit TIFF, or RAW files will yield maximum possible print quality.

Prints are available in any size you need, and we can print on a full range of Fine Art papers, both glossy and matte, but here is general pricing guide:

5  x  7
$20 $18
8  x 10
$39 $35
11 x 14
$60 $54
11 x 17
$75 $62
13 x 19
$100 $90
16 x 20
17 x 22
$130 $115
20 x 24
$145 $130
20 x 30
$175 $155
24 x 36 $240 $225
30 x 40 $325 $310
40 x 50 $475 $450
40 x 60 $550 $525


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