Art Reproduction

Basic Scans: $35
For original artwork 8x10 and smaller
The ideal choice for small originals such as family photos and historic archives. Suitable for 8x10 originals or smaller. Scans include minor dust and scratch removal. Additional Photoshop work to repair damaged originals, including scratches, tears and fading is available at $120/hr., billed in 15min increments. If you need prints from the scan, you can refer to our Ready-to-Print prices.

Reproduction Scans: $75
For original artwork up to 20x30
The perfect choice for artists in need of a digital copy of their work. This service is available for original paintings, drawings, and mixed-media up to 20x30 inches. Our scanner delivers a file that offers colors, contrast and details with perfect accuracy to the original. All scans are color and contrast corrected to match the original. For more demanding jobs we also offer additional corrections at a rate of $120/hr, billed in 15min increments. The result file is delivered in JPEG or TIFF format up to 20x30" at 300dpi. Prints from the scans are available at Fine Art Printing prices. Please contact us for questions or an exact quote.

Fine Art Reproduction Scans: $225
For original artwork up to 30x40
This is our maximum fidelity reproduction service and it is specially designed for those seeking to replicate their paintings, drawings, and multi-media originals as large as 30x40 inches at maximum quality. Every scan goes through an extensive color matching process, to achieve very high color accuracy. Lighting is customized to emphasize the unique qualities of the original. Fine Art Reproductions are rendered at the same size of the original piece or larger upon request, and the files are delivered fully uncompressed at 300dpi. A small proof print on the paper of your choice is included with every Fine Art Reproduction. Further proofs or full size prints are available at our Ready-to-Print prices. If needed, additional color and contrast corrections are available for $120/hr., billed in 15min increments. 

We can scan originals up to 120x150 inches.
Give us a call for a quote.
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