Standard Printing

The Printlab is bringing 30 years of printing expertise to the new cost effective Standard Printing.

We are now offering a low-cost printing option while still retaining the high quality standard Printlab is known for. Using the same printers and archival inks as our other services, the only difference being the restrictions as stated below.

Luster paper ONLY
Pre-set print sizes from 4x6” to 12x18”
Basic Color and Contrast corrections are included 
Sales taxes are included

 Print Size Single Print Additional Prints (5+)


Uploading Files to Printlab

1. Follow the link bellow to access the order form.
2. After completing the form, you will be directed WeTransfer to send us your files.
3. An invoice will be sent to you once we review the files that you can pay online.


At any point you can call us for help or instructions at 312.362.9000


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