We offer state-of-the-art scans using a Heidelberg Tango XL Drum Scanner driven by the NewColor software. This combination of scanner and software is unmatched by any other scanning system offering museum-quality digitization.

Drum scanners offer the highest quality scans available providing a wider tonal range, greater color accuracy, superior highlight, shadow detail and higher optical resolution than high-end flatbed scanners or “virtual” drum scanners.

With 11,000 PPI optical resolution, 36 bit LAB depth and a 4.2 Dmax and accepting film or prints up to 20 x 24 inches, the Tango is one of the finest drum scanners ever produced. A high-performance drum scanner operated by a trained technician will produce the best possible digital file from your original film or print.

Prices are based on final file size. Let us know if you have several negs or slides to scan, since we can place many negs on a single drum, it will bring the price down.

File Size
50 MB
80 MB
120 MB
150 MB
200 MB
400 MB
800 MB
1.5 GB

Prices are for scanning only and includes a basic cleanup.
Additional work such as spotting and retouching is available.
Sales taxes are included.

state-of-the-art scans