About Us

Printlab began with an enlarger and a sink, and has grown into Chicago’s most storied integrated printing studio. As a bridge between the craftsmanship of analogue and the controlled speed of digital, we serve the needs of artists, photographers, hobbyists and novices worldwide. Allow our guidance to elevate good to outstanding.  

Printlab was built with an enlarger and a dream. This same dream embraced the digital revolution. A drive to learn fuels our boundary pushing, as we bridge the gap between craft and experimentation.

Printlab Services

We offer a comprehensive list of professional printing services, delivering unmatched quality:

Professional printing for fine art archival, museum-quality prints using our 12 color and 7 color pigment based archival printers.

State-of-the-art film scans using a Heidelberg Tango XL Drum Scanner driven by the NewColor software.

Fine art reproduction using the Betterlight Super 8K-HS digital scanning back attached to a state-of-the-art 4x5 studio camera to digitally capture artwork.

Black-and-white film processing. We hand process all black-and-white film and run an archival wash process to insure the highest quality.

We welcome you to browse our professional printing services and online digital printing solutions; give us a call here at the Printlab with any questions or to learn how we can help you.

The Premier Professional Photo Lab

Starting in April of 1987 with a 1400 sq. foot loft in Chicago’s River North area with two small enlargers and a long sink, the Printlab quickly became the favorite photo lab of many Chicago photographers and today the Printlab has grown from its humble beginnings to become the premier integrated printing studio in Chicago from black-and-white to digital imaging.

We specialize in professional photo printing and fine art printing using the latest digital giclée printing techniques, as well as traditional film processing, black-and-white darkroom printing, and digital photo printing. Working with award-winning commercial and fine art clients, our prints have been in museums, gallery exhibitions, books and publications throughout the world.

handcrafted, custom photographic printing