Fine Art Reproduction

Printlab & Archival Imaging

We are starting the new year with a merger between Printlab and Archival Imaging. For the last 5 years, Archival Imaging was our sister company producing the finest art reproductions available by the employment of the Betterlight scanning system and the Printlab was in charge of printing these images. By combining the two companies we are now able to expedite service and give our customers a far better and more transparent experience.

Fine Art Reproduction 

We use a Better Light Super 8K-HS digital scanning back attached to a 4x5 view camera to digitally capture the artwork.

The major benefit of this method is the flexibility in size and format. Any work, two or three-dimensional may be photographed. The digital scanning back scans the entire image plane to fully reproduce colors, unlike DSLR sensors, which interpolate colors. The final digital files are available in 16 bit, and of extremely high resolution (approximately 800MB). This allows the artwork to be re-printed at high fidelity of colors as well as extremely large sizes.

Our unique use of light polarizing filters allow for flexibility in lighting the artwork. If your artwork relies on a sense of depth or texture the technician can adjust the lights for optimum reflections, textural detail or provide completely even lighting.

Once we have a perfect digital copy of your file, we make final pigment prints using archival papers and archival pigment inksets.

Prices are based on the longest dimension of you artwork. Several factors may contribute on the scanning price. Please call us for a final quote.

up to 20" $80
up to 30" $120
up to 40" $175
up to 50" $245
up to 60" $330
up to 70" $465
up to 80" $650
up to 90" $780



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