Film Processing

We hand process all black-and-white film and run an archival wash process to insure the highest quality. Our method gives you flexibility in choice of developers as well as push or pull processes.

Our choice developer is X-Tol due to it’s fine-grain and wide latitude. We also have available D-76, HC-110 and Pyro PMK among others.

35 mm $11
120 $12
220 $28
4 x 5 $5
8 x 10 $12

Supplemental charges:

$3 additional for Pyro developer.
$10 additional for film Inspection/roll or sheet.


Film Scanning

We offer basic scans of your entire roll of B&W or Color film.
The files are aproximately 1500 x 1000 pixels, saved as JPG format,
8-bit (there is a 5.00 additional fee for already cut film).

15.00 per roll of 35mm
20.00 per roll of 120 film 


Proof Sheets

Proof sheets are provided on 8.5 x 11 Glossy RC paper and enlarged proof sheets are available up to 20 x 24. We use Ilford’s Multigrade IV RC Glossy for all our proofs.

8.5 x 11 $8
11 x 14 $25
16 x 20 $45
20 x 24 $80

we hand process all black-and-white film